I bought a welder at auction last week and they threw in a Lincoln Invertec V-350 Pro that has a tag hanging off it that says "Bad circuit board, sell at auction" so I know it's clearly got issues. The cover had been removed, so I took it off and saw a couple of the plugs had been pulled from the control board. I can only assume they had a welding shop look at it and simply didn't want to spend any money fixing it.

If I understand Lincoln serial numbers, it looks like it's a 2014 machine, so not terribly old. I have exactly zero dollars in it, so I can't lose either way, but can't quite decide what I should do....take it to the local Lincoln dealer and pay them to run a diagnostic test? Put power to it and see if it gives off any codes? Something else? I'd hate to see it wind up in the scrap pile, but I obviously don't want to waste money.

Here are a couple of pics:

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