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Thread: Greetings gremlin slayers!

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    Greetings gremlin slayers!

    I have OLD (like 30 year old) ESAB Multimaster 260 that works fantastic. Its DCCV and DCCC. It does Mig/Tig/Stick and pretty darn well too. Anyway I got a Tig foot pedal and the machine has a module that plugs in to switch it from "panel" to "remote" that the foot pedal plugs into. However the machine does not have a gas solenoid for Tig welding only for Mig. I have a valve on my torch but plan on getting a water cooled rig and want to eliminate the valve. I'm wondering if anyone can help me determine
    A: what solenoid would be best to install
    B: how to wire it in where the pedal would open the solenoid (would it be the A and H wires?)
    C: and if someone knows how I can use a automotive delay relay to give myself a ~15 second postflow. (something I've read about but can't find a schematic)
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    Re: Greetings gremlin slayers!

    I built a CNC oxy-fuel torch back in 2000,, I needed a valve to turn on the oxygen when the cut was starting.
    I simply ordered a solenoid valve from Grainger, and it worked perfect.
    I think it was really a water valve.

    I think any valve would work, if you had the right voltage.
    mine was 120 volt AC,, and I used a three hose torch, so it was perfect.
    If the timed relay gets too difficult,, you could always use a simple on/off foot switch,,
    your other foot is sitting there, doing nothing,, put it to work,, NO SLACKERS ALLOWED!! LOL!

    I worked at a place that had several guys that TIG welded a round fitting for a thermocouple.
    They used their extra foot to control a variable speed rotary turntable to rotate the part.
    That was something to see,, using both hands, and both feet, and both feet controlled variable controls.

    We always joked the guys that we were gonna get them a long handled broom,, so they could sweep the welding booth at the same time,,,
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