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Thread: ESAB Trigger wiring (8 Pin Rear)

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    ESAB Trigger wiring (8 Pin Rear)

    Man, so I messed up and bought the wrong mig gun (I just wanted a 15' cord). Basically I was just going to re-wire the new torch to the old connector. But ran into two problems...

    1. Wires on the tweco fusion 180 torch wires are not color coded (In my eyes its just a switch, it closes a circuit so does it really matter?)
    2. My picture I took before hand was blurry and I popped the pins out so now I have no clue where they go :'(.

    I am just trying to find any sort of diagram for the 8 pin connector for the trigger on a ESAB EM 215IC.
    I've emailed ESAB 3 times and have had no response over the past 2 weeks, I've searched until my eyes hurt. I'm out of options lol, I am about to buy another mig gun ( I'm cheap this is a big deal to me lol).

    I'm at my whits end lol any help would be appreciated. Its just 2 wires lol, cant believe I messed this up.

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    Re: ESAB Trigger wiring (8 Pin Rear)

    You can make a short U shpaed jumper to test which sockets are used. When the feed rolls turn you hit the right combo. The wires don't matter. Like you said it's just a switch. But, pins 2 & 3 are for the mig gun switch, 4-8 are for foot control or hand amptrol.
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    Re: ESAB Trigger wiring (8 Pin Rear)

    Hey thanks for your reply, I'm just going full potato on this whole ordeal. Apperantly I've been emailing the wrong esab support address on top of this.

    That's the info I needed though. I appreciate it!!

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