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Your example simply doesn't work from a logical standpoint. You can't compare prices on an imported Primeweld to that of a major U.S. brand and have it mean anything other than imported Chinese machines cost less....pretty sure we all know that.

Miller just stopped selling the Syncrowave 250DX and replaced it with the Syncrowvae 300...similar output machines. The 250DX TIGRunner package was going for right around $7K. The new Syncrowave 300 TIGRunner package is $7500. Let that sink in for a minute.....no real savings, but I know which is more likely to live long past the warranty.

Only cheap, imported inverters are less expensive than transformer machines....and I own one of them so I can point fingers all I want.

You can debate all you want, but with the current foreseeable technology, when inverter welders die, they often go in the scrap pile once out of warranty. That isn't true of the transformer machines...and they don't die frequently to start with. The obvious tradeoff is size, power draw and less bells and whistles....just the way it is. I have both and almost never turn on the inverter, but it's a good backup.
Once again you don't get it. There is a reason for machines at different price points. Obviously you are a transformer fanboy( most likely due to real world experience with inverter machines), and that's fine, I was in that position many years ago. No where did I say a lower priced inverter was the best solution or the high end inverter the solution to all situations. What I said is the inverter is the Now and the Future. Used transformer machines can be a good option for some or a non-existent option for others. I still own and use transformer machines, as at the time of purchase it was the best option ( miller 252). I've used the crap out of that machine using 100s of 12" spools and more 1lb rolls of aluminum wire than I could count. If it died tomorrow I honestly would look for another to replace it. I also use several inverter welders as well, 181i, xmt304, mini arc 161, primeweld 225 and a miller 211. The only one I wouldn't replace with a similar model is the 181i. Reasons for that are it was pretty much the first generation of 3 in 1 inverter welders and the newer 3 in 1 inverters have better features at a better price point, mainly dual voltage input. In all honesty at current repair rates the majority of welders aren't necessarily worth repairing whether transformer or inverter. That's just the way it is when dealing with repair facilities. DIY repair may be an option for some but for many of us the best use of a welding machine is time spent doing actual welding related work. So all in all maybe you should throw your opinions at Miller or Lincoln as they obviously see the present and the future in a different light as they are discontinuing transformer machine production and focusing towards more and more inverter based offerings. Maybe that makes a more logical viewpoint to those living in the past.