So my TD Pakmaster 100XL i've owned for about 15 years took a dump today. It wouldn't start the HF arc like normal, tried several times
to get it going and finally gave up and took side covers off, where i immediately found the issue.

The output inductor was sparking through a cracked insulator to a bolt head. The bolt head was eroded away and the insulator fell apart when i touched it.
The part that fell apart was sort of powdered metal, makes me think of ferrite from a magnet, but it wasn't magnetic that i could tell. if it was ferrite,
it's a wierd U-shaped piece and i won't be able to make one nor probably find one on something this old. Does anyone think i could just machine one from plastic/delrin?

Also, the corner of the conductor (very heavy wire) has some burns. It doesn't look like it's down into any of the other windings, so i am assuming i can polish/sand and coat with
some varnish.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

See pics.