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Thread: Hobart champion 10k No Weld has 110V

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    Hobart champion 10k No Weld has 110V

    Debating on purchasing hobart champion 10,000 from my employer. machine has 500 hrs. kohler motor. it will make light sparks but no weld. 110v works fine. engine also wont idle down it is stuck around 1/2 throttle. checked bridge rectifier it is okay. visual inspection of board see no burnt spots or obvious issues. keeps blowing CB4 breaker. when you push it in it will idle back down but blows after around 10 seconds. i know these are known for bad boards so im not ruling it out... actually think it probably is the board but unsure of the next step. thanks.

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    Re: Hobart champion 10k No Weld has 110V

    Get owners manual and diagram. figure out why cb4 is tripping.
    CB4 powers SR2. converts AC power from the stator to DC for the pcb
    SR2 lives on the side of the main weld diode assembly.
    Supplies power to the rotor so it makes output. you will need the welder to come up to full operating speed for weld output. so try disconnecting the throttle solenoid near it. welder should go full speed. see if CB4 still trips. If it doesn't solenoid might be bad. if it still trips. pcb might be bad.

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