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Thread: Plasma, I forgot, What does it do?

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    Re: Plasma, I forgot, What does it do?

    I sold a couple Plasma's with 180 degree machine torches to a company that is required to cut 3/8 and 1/2" stainless aircraft type cable. They hung them from the ceiling with screen door springs. They could cut and cauterize the cables with one swoop. I'd say this is less than .0005% of the market.
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    Boxes and boxes of welding crap.

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    Re: Plasma, I forgot, What does it do?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brand X View Post
    90 degree torch, and long handle is pretty worthless for anything other then bench work.
    Don't tell these guys that

    I'm not sure any scrapper would feel safe with a short handle torch. Head angles depend on what you're doing, and the access to the plate to be cut.

    These guys, in the same part of the world, will be the ones recycling the Lithium batteries we, in the West, salve our conscience with in the chase for a carbon free world. Bogus, and total BS. They'll pay the price for the Martini Environmentalists in the big cities. These will be the guys knee deep in toxic chemicals while the AOC's of the world sip their wine.

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    Re: Plasma, I forgot, What does it do?

    ever use a 90 degree torch on a frame of a truck with limited space?? There is a reason way torches are 70/75 degrees, 180, and 90 degrees. il like top buttons/bottom triggers with a 70 degree torch like a PT-31 or bottom triggerSL-40 etc.. tiny size, and versatile . Not sure how many torch styles you have used. Two I am guessing.. I had quite a few, and even a 15 degree torch. for gouging
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    Re: Plasma, I forgot, What does it do?

    A little late to the party, but I thought this was worth sharing.

    When you plasma cut a circle go counter clockwise. This is more important when running a cnc table but it helps in free hand too.

    Also if you go too slow the dross will be really bad. If you go really slow the kerf will fuse back together. It helps to watch the arc departure angle on the bottom side. At least when practicing to get a feel for it. When cutting you want a slight trailing angle not straight.

    Free handing plasma isn't as forgiving as oxy/fuel. Having the correct consumables for the material thickness helps big time.

    Also with Hyperthem Powermax machines they automatically regulate the air pressure. I feed my 85 a constant diet of 120 psi. That eliminates any potential air supply issues.

    Hope this helps someone

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