I think I searched pretty good,, but, I can not find any help,,
I set up my 50A plasma cutter from Amazon,,

(I bought a TOOLIOM Plasma Cutter TL-50C )

The manual that is included is not much,,

Anyways, is there anywhere I could find suggested settings for a plasma cutter,

So far, what I have learned,,
I think there is different tips for 115 versus 220 volt operation.
I set the air pressure according to what I found in the manual ("between 5 and 6")

I think that is too much air, it blows out the arc.
I turned the air pressure down to "4",, and the arc stays on.

Today I was cutting some metal roofing, much heavier gauge than typical roofing,,
With the amps at 15 (it goes up to 50) and the air at "4",, the cutter was amazing.
It was literally able to cut faster than I could move the torch.

I was afraid I would burn up the torch running such low air pressure. Hmmmmmmmmmm,,

Does anyone have any helpful settings hints, or a place to go to find a "better" instruction manual?

Thanks !!