My shop tends to get "dusty" at times, depending on what I am doing,, and I wanted a cover for my welding machine,,

Well I found it ,, on eBay,, it is called a "Boat Motor Cover",,

There are literally hundreds to choose from, the cover seems to be waterproof, but, I have not tested that.
When I bought mine, the one I found came in a two pack for about $10 delivered for both.

One was a perfect fit for my Miller Thunderbolt, the other became the cover for my miter saw.

I ended up with the camo blue color, it is even close to the Miller machine color.

If that link does not work, simply search Boat Motor Cover on eBay,, they will pop right up.

There are MANY sizes,, and coincidentally, MANY boat motors, and welders are about the same size!!