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Thread: Information needed on AIRCO Heliwelder IV 300

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    Information needed on AIRCO Heliwelder IV 300


    I am trying to find a manual for an Airco Heliwelder IV 300. The machine has been in storage for more than 15 years and has not welded in close to 18 years. Currently it is dead in the water so before I start getting crazy I wanted to verify the input voltage jumper settings and get a good schematic for it. I am thinking that this may have been a Mid-States or ESAB machine but it could be an orange miller who knows the data tag has the following info:
    serial MG902007
    STOCK 1341-0176

    Currently it does absolutely nothing when plugged in and turned on. The last time I used this machine it was set up for 460 Single Phase in an industrial setting. Now that I have time to set it back is just dead....and I no longer have a copy of the manual. Does anyone here know there way around this beast?


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    Re: Information needed on AIRCO Heliwelder IV 300

    I managed to get the jumpers taken care of and now the machine starts when switched on....before going any further I will go through it clean all the connections, inspect all the caps and clean or replace the HF points before attempting to weld.....once I know it is running right I will start a thread for the cosmetic restoration of the machine

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    Re: Information needed on AIRCO Heliwelder IV 300

    You can E-mail ESAB for the Manual through tech support. They usually get back to you within 24 hours. I have an Airco (ESAB) !V heliwelder 250. Had to have a control board PCB repaired once, and had to replace potentiometer on pedal , but overall a very consistent performer. It's a really good stick welder too. Hopefully you can feed it the power it needs, its a very hungry welder. I'm presently running it off a 50Amp 480volt circuit. When I had it on 70A 240volt circuit, sometimes it would nuisance trip on power up but run fine after resetting breaker. Breaker would also trip when running too long with pedal floored(as it should have).

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    Hope this helps
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    Re: Information needed on AIRCO Heliwelder IV 300

    Thanks for the reply, I reached out to ESAB and I was very pleased that they replied within 24 hours, they just did not have the manual they did provide one for the heliwelder V. I kinda wish this was a Heliwelder V, but I can not complain. I got it to strike an arc last night and run a bead with some 7018 rod on some 1/8th inch cold rolled plate and some angle iron.....I forgot how nice these old monsters are. I am going to set up a dedicated run for it. I'm planning on a 90AMP circuit for it at least for now. Once i get the service at the house upgraded I will run a dedicated 110 AMP circuit.
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