Hi All.

I have a miller 250G serial JK66625? (can't make out last number)

I am guessing having 666 in the serial number is giving me my issues

Got this from a buddy of mine as a project.

First I had to clean the carb as a couple jets were clogged... now it runs nice.

Have a couple of "dry" wires I need to replace on the engine side but nothing serious.

Here is my issue:

The push button for the exciter board is smashed and previous owner (the guy my friend got it from),
had cut the wires and possibly tried to fix it. Most of the time I can follow wiring diagrams but this time these drawings are eluding me.
as well as the switch is discontinued.

I understand the exciter board can be bypassed by crossing a couple wires or something... but I don't want to release any
magic smoke without asking the advice from people who know what they are doing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated


BTW, I am in British Columbia Canada