These are both 7018 rods. Both are DC+ and AC. Aside from the 7018 AC-RSP having more dust on the boxes = had been around a while, we were not able to come to much conclusion as to what the difference in the rods was when I was at the shop. Any ideas? It appears the more commonly sold rod at the LWS I got them from is the LH 78 MR-RSP. I imagine there is a reason - but not sure what the reason is yet.

I bought a 5lb box of 3/32" of both to try. I am not sure if my inverter will like one or the other. Since the LH 78 MR-RSP's were more popular I figured I'd get a box of 1/8" and 5/32". Chances are if I am welding at home its on the tombstone and it has no problems with running any rod I've thrown at it. The inverter is a different story... and I am going to pair the 3/32" rods for it as they run on lower amps.

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