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Thread: Everlast 62i power factor correction

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    Everlast 62i power factor correction

    Any one know if the 62i plasma has power factor correction. I am looking at buying one to drive one off a 12kva generator with a 32 amp receptacle when away from the workshop but experience has shown me some machines which invariably are the cheap generic chinese stuff are a mixed bag when it comes to generator use. The ones with power factor correction seem to be the ones to get for generator use.

    I know the specs for the 62i say 10kw generator required, but is that for flat out?

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    Re: Everlast 62i power factor correction

    Cheap or not, many machines have a PFC lower than 99%.

    We recommend using only clean power output generators. 10kw is what you need if we recommend it. That is based off the inrush not continuous. .

    Regardless, we recommend the generator output be considered "clean" which is 5% or less THD.

    Many companies have this. One of the best, but lowest priced models is the Northern Tool PowerHorse line.

    The problems aren't so much with the "cheap chinese plasma cutters", as it is with the cheaply made generators which are designed for maximum profitability designed only to run resistive loads and not electronic ones.
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    Re: Everlast 62i power factor correction

    Yea I have worked out my generator should run it OK. It will get loaded up pretty well though. It is a low THD generator, under 4%.

    I think I will order one as there are very limited options in this country for single phase 60 amp plasma cutters.

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