I think people do not get the taxes, the forklift repairs, fuel or electricity to power it, all the insurance, building maintenance, vehicle maintenance. They just see the price of the pipe and want it for free.

I am pretty good with forklifts as well and I find myself going to my friend's shops and just helping them get their forklifts going because they really cannot afford to call the forklift company and be without the lift while they wait for them to pick it up and bring it back. These are some sad times. I remember Super Storm Sandy, the government gave people a small amount of money to make repairs. When the people took that money that was not enough they themselves or they had friends do the work for them just so they could get back into their businesses to work again, the government wanted the money back or would not pay them for the work they had done without a receipt from a contractor. If they gave them the right amount of money they would not have hired a contractor. I did a lot of free work on people's heating and cooling systems that they ended up not getting paid for the materials much less labor. I suspect they are going to hit people hard and get back the money they laid out during the "pandemic".


William McCormick