Mrs. B is out of school. She NEEDS to unwind! She wanted to go camping this weekend. She tried everywhere to find a cancellation. Spur of the moment, I'm not big on 300 mile each way trips. Happy wife..........., I agreed to check out Hapgood Pond. It isn't far, I was dragged there 1000 times so cousin Jim could punch me in the stomach in my childhood.
They have first come, first served sites.

Guess what? We met a family much like mine.

Thursday night, we found the best site in the campground available. Across from us were two men, two trucks. They were quiet. They left before dark on Friday.
Late night, I heard a car pull in, but fell asleep.

Next morning, a group had arrived. As the day passed, it grew to 10. Grandma looked (from a distance) exactly like Momma. Both bleached blond, both 99 LBS stretched over a 150 LB skeleton. From a distance, I took the blonds to be sisters. MRS. B says Mother & daughter.
Males in the group numbered four total, women, four, a toddler, and an infant.

Friday night wasn't loud.
Saturday mid day fights broke out. Loud voices (they wanted everybody to hear). By evening the loud rap music that played all day was turned up a few notches. Everybody in the group had a round of "I'm gonna F**ckin' kill you!" A derelict Dodge Lancer, & a Dodge mini van missing its entire rocker panels, two donut spares, drove constantly, Half the time wrong way on a one way drive.

Saturday night the Campground host came to me; "Was I the one who called police?" No, I hadn't. He went to talk to them.

As the evening grew, "music" got louder ( I can't imagine how) I'm gonna F**kin' kill you was shouted even more often. Music died at the stroke of 10:00 PM, but it all got loud again at 11:00 PM.

This morning a bleached blonde Millennial with no shirt, and tatoos on his face was at my door wanting to borrow jumper cables.
I let him use them in exchange for a favor:
"You had a Hell of a party last night. In future, remember that you aren't the only campsite in this campground. No one else was invited to your party, but had no choice but be involved. Rap music loud enough to shake our camper 100 yards away, howling at the moon at midnight involves everyone here. I'm sure no one enjoyed the screams at midnight. In future, please consider others."