Hi, I have been reading posts about these welders and I need help. I called Lincoln and talked to a nice troubleshooter. He seems to think I need new brushes. Here's what I have. Welder was not used for several years. I put new gas in, cranked right up. Welded, but did'nt seem right. Checked aux. output on 115 v side, got 102 volts AC. On 230 v side, got 201 volts. Started looking. Cleaned and shined the slip rings, Checked the brushes, looked fine. Now no weld and still low output on aux. Checked the voltage between brushes, got 10.9 volts ac. Then checked between slip rings, got 4.5 ohms. Checked From each ring to ground,it was pretty much open. Checked the alternator wire output, got 13.1 volts DC. Per the Lincoln manual got 16.0 volts from lead 200 (after the flashing diode) to ground with the fine adjustment rheostat at open. Lincoln manual say should be 10-14 volts. I also got 19.1 volts across the flashing diode at high idle. I made all these checks at high idle. The idle will kick down the way it should. This welder is set up really nice. Nice trailer, lead hangers etc.. My dad bought this thing in the early 90's and he babied it. He gave it to my son before he died. When my son got kicked out of school once, my Dad made him help tear this thing down and repaint it. They worked on it for several days. My son will never part with it and I hope we can get it running right. I have never worked on a welder or generator, and my electronics skills are not impressive. If you can help we would appreciate it. Thanks.