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Thread: 350mp on it's way out? Again??

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    350mp on it's way out? Again??

    So, our shop is on its 3rd 350mp in 10 years, the others melted down, or stopped working. I've read about error messages? When will it show errors? I've never had one. Couple weeks ago it fed wire like normal but wouldn't arc. I even tried welding the ground cable, no avail. Turned machine off then back on and I was back in business. Good strong welds, cosmetically pleasing... then fast forward to this afternoon, not morning, because morning it was just fine. Either way, settings as follows

    440v incoming power
    .045 L56 wire
    30cfh ar/co2 75/25
    Weld mode 05
    220wfs/19.5V (1/4" setting)

    I'm welding 2"x2"x3/16" wall square tubing, I cant even get a tack to hold. Spitter spatter, gun jerking like .45 pistol. Try to change all the numbers, up, down, side to side, it just gets worse. Check flow with flow guage from arc-zone, on the money. Change wire...

    .035 L56 wire
    30cfh ar/co2 75/25
    Weld mode 05
    375wfs/22v (1/4" setting)

    That was a no go, do not pass!!! Complete garbage!!!

    So now I'm at 280wfs/22v and I've finally got good fusion, looks good, minimal splatter. Why are my numbers way off from the numbers on the access panel all of a sudden? I've taken the whip apart, inspected/cleaned the liner, checked all connections for any oxidizing or arc markings. I cut a chunk of bad wire off the ground wire, re crimped with new ring terminal. it's always been hot/melting. What else am I supposed to do or look for? Any help would be appreciated


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    Re: 350mp on it's way out? Again??

    You may need a laptop, serial cable and the free software from Lincoln.
    Under the plastic cap next to the parts tray is the RS232 serial port.
    You can connect a computer to the welder and read the error logs and see what is going on. With the software you can take a snapshot and send it to Lincoln for review.
    You can use the same port and update the software.
    Go to Down load the powerwave manager to check out the welder. there are instructions on the site on how to connect to a Lincoln welder.
    The powermig 350MP and all powerwave welders do not like to operate in a noisy electrical environment. TIG welders that are not grounded correctly and failing VFDs are common sources. most of the time it just causes the welder to lock up but does not damage the welder. Support for this welders are split between the wire feed group and the powerwave group. General operation and trouble shooting use the wire feed group. for software problems use the powerwave group.
    Once you open the error logs in the powerwave manager you also can look up the errors for suggestions on what to do. The snap shot function is used to take a picture of everything inside the welder programs. you can go to Lincoln's web site and use the ask the expert portal to send a copy of the snap shot to Lincoln.
    they usually will either call you or email you in one to two days.
    Place in the Email a description of the problem you are having so they know what to look for.

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    Re: 350mp on it's way out? Again??

    had no clue this software stuff existed. thanks for the info.

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