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Thread: '79 Blackface SA 200 Engine Valves

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    '79 Blackface SA 200 Engine Valves

    Had a question about adjusting valves on SA200 and saw a video from BWParts ( ) on doing the adjustment but had a question. From what I saw in the video you can adjust the valves on Cylinder 4 when Cylinder 1 is at TDC and adjust 1 when 4 is TDC, same for Cylinder 2 when Cylinder 3 is TDC if I understand all this correctly. Correct me if I am wrong because I am not a mechanic but I have a toolbox of wrenches I use all the time.

    My question is, do you adjust both intake and exhaust at the same time for Cylinder 4 when Cylinder 1 is TDC or do you adjust all intake first and then adjust exhaust valves second using the same process outlined above. I have a vacuum\fuel pump gauge attached on Cylinder 1 and have it at TDC at the current moment. Head is not off of the engine, only the vacuum gauge is attached.

    .012 clearance on intake
    .020 clearance on exhaust

    If I ever get this first SA200 painted and rebuilt, my goal is to find myself a Redface and rebuild it as well.

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    Re: '79 Blackface SA 200 Engine Valves

    I think I might have figured it out myself. Watched the video a couple of times and I here him make reference to setting "them" meaning intake and exhaust when you have a piston at TDC.

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    Re: '79 Blackface SA 200 Engine Valves

    All you have to do is watch the the valves when turning the engine over by hand with a hand crank, and remember the firing order 1-3-4-2, this way you can see when both valves close at TDC, and the valve tappets are on the heel of the cam lobes. Make sure that when adjusting the exhaust valve that it has a slightly loose feel because of heat expansion. Always better to have a loose adjustment than a tight adjustment. If to tight, a valve or valve seat can get burnt out, and that goes for any engine.
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