By now many of you in the USA are eating your ribs, or pulling your pork, enjoying a slice of watermelon, or roasting some corn...or maybe none of that. I do feel for vegans on the fourth of July though. lol.

But we do want to wish all our customers a Happy Fourth of July. It means many things to many people. We are almost all immigrants just a few generations back to this country and we've hammered a country out that is completely different than any other in the world. People in other countries often don't get it and understand how much this means to us.

But to many of you, we hope we've been able to contribute to a tiny portion of helping you fulfill the American dream of being able to afford to start your own business, or even expand your business in tough times, and even helping you pass down a trade to your children.

Regardless, we wish you Happy Fourth of July!