Hi guys long time forum creeper first time poster.Professionally I'm a fabricator in a stainless steel shop so we Tig everything so it's been awhile since I've done and short circuit.

I found a cp200 power source with a xra wire feeder for 250 but the gun was well worn out and didn't seem cost effective to fix. A couple days later I found an S-60 with psa-2 adapter for 200 and then a 250 amp tough gun whip for 50.

All in all I feel like I was coming in at a good price for it. I did the conversion last night and powered it up and everything seemed to be working so I hooked up the S-60 and I hit the purge switch and gas flowed, feeder worked at varying speeds at the switch. I tested it on the whip and the only thing to work was the rollers. I'm not sure what to call it but the arc switch in the welder did not engage.

I damn near emptied a can of contact cleaner on hoping something was messed up but that did nothing.

Let it sit overnight before I realized I never tested the xra on it. That worked fine, I had gas, wire, and the arc switch engaged.

I looked at the plugs, they are both the 14 pin but wired very differently. I'm hoping that this is where someone here would be able to point me in right direction to get the ball rolling.

These are from the S-60

These two shots are from the xra.