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Thread: Regulator for CO2

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    Regulator for CO2

    I have a Harris 25-500 regulator I have been using with CO2 to feed a proportional mixer. The regulator started creeping up from the set pressure 100 PSI, I will try a new seat in the regulator. I have been using this for several years, Harris lists several gases for the regulator but not CO2. I am using a fairly low flow of CO2 and have not seen any icing the mix ratio is 75/25 argon / CO2 at most. I attribute the problem to be simply time/wear, it worked fine for years. Is there some compelling reason this regulator should not be used in this application?
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    Re: Regulator for CO2

    Some regulators are dual purpose (C02-Argon), there are people the repair regulators.
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    Re: Regulator for CO2

    Quote Originally Posted by acourtjester View Post
    Some regulators are dual purpose (C02-Argon), there are people the repair regulators.
    He already mentioned it wasn't rated for CO₂ though. Quick google search confirms this. But who knows why it's acting up. I would call up harris and see what they say.
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