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Thread: honey colored filler for stainless welding

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    honey colored filler for stainless welding

    I'm getting ready to weld up some stainless headers and I see other tig welds that the filler looks real clean and has a honey color to it, I don't think its silicon bronze because of the puddle.
    Any help is appreciated, thanks, Oj

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    Re: honey colored filler for stainless welding

    the temperature of the weld when exposed to atmosphere, no longer covered by the shielding gas, determines the color of the stainless. When tacking, and holding the gas on a short weld will often give you a bright shiny silver spot. Lingering to long , or not moving fast enough will get you the darker blues, and purples. If you have bad gas coverage it can be dull gray to black.

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    this was 304 stainless welded using 1/16" 308L , you can see where the gas coverage ended. Sometimes you can lift your helmet, and watch the metal turn color after the post flow ends.
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    Re: honey colored filler for stainless welding

    OP, I think "straw" is the word you're looking for, and it's dependent on the temperature of your weld when it's exposed to air.

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    Re: honey colored filler for stainless welding

    Perfect heat, travel speed and an experienced welder can make beautifully colored Tig welds. If they're stray color is generally about as close to perfection as you can get. Should note penetration and bead profile are also part of it. Stray colored part in post 2 is not anywhere near perfection.

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