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Thread: new esab info and request re pcm 875

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    new esab info and request re pcm 875

    Finally able to get a clear picture of electrical plate for pcm 875 esab plasma cutter. Looking for product info to possibly purchase phase converter. Based on this plate can anyone advise what I need to purchase? I know little or nothing about this machine. The "friend" who sold it to me years ago did not tell me it was three phase, and even if he had I would not have known what that was all about. I do not need the ability of this cutter to do what we plan, so if too expensive for phase converter and necessary electrical work in the shop will probably sell it, if possible. Name:  IMG_1316.jpg
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Size:  85.5 KB Any and all responses appreciated. New to this forum so posting in several places. If anyone is interested in purchase I am very open.

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    Re: new esab info and request re pcm 875

    I don't think it's cost effective. I'm thinking you will need a 20 hp maybe 15 HP rotary to even begin to run that machine. I'm thinking you can buy a plasma way cheaper than you can get the converter, provide enough input power and wire up the output power. Welders and plasma cutters are probably the worst to run on 3 phase converters because of the high amp draw. I'm sure someone will say you could run it on reduced capacity with a smaller unit, but you most likely will smoke something in the system if overloaded. I recently installed a 5 hp unit from American rotary. Look up " rotary phase converter" and call one of the manufacture's about sizing recommendations as they know more about the subject than I or others on this forum about sizing for your application. Sorry I don't have better news for you but some things just aren't cost and or time efficient.

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    Re: new esab info and request re pcm 875

    It's a 1/3 phase unit.. no phase converter necessary. I could my esab 1125 off my Lincoln drive to about 50 amps output (40 amps 230 volt single phase input ) I could see my 3 phase home built 15 hp converter running it well.It's a good one, and no real need to buy a factory converter I use my 3 phase 60i off of it to over 1 inch steel with zero problems..Seems to punch way over it's weight, but could add another 5hp at any time..
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    Re: new esab info and request re pcm 875

    1 and 3ph surprises me. Also 208 capability. Must be the very newest model from the time. So I guess you just drop the red leg and throw on a single phase 230 plug??? Or do you have to go in and swap buss bars?
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    Re: new esab info and request re pcm 875

    three phase to single phase just drop red leg, If power cord wired to factory spec.
    to change from 208 to 230 volts there are two wires to move.
    Single phase operation draws a lot of current, up to 55 amps on 208 volts.
    So make sure line cord is the correct size.

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