DIY weldor here! Anyone else using their HF lower-voltage Titanium welders with a generator? Just curious to know of the results that others are experiencing. It's wonderful to have the option to grab a lightweight welder for small jobs that I can do almost anywhere. I primarily use mine portably with a WEN 3800-watt generator with no issues whatsoever. And although I've only used the welder 4 times over the last couple of years, for small jobs (e.g., custom bracket to affix gauges in Jeep engine compartment for on-board air system to run power tools/air up tires, fixes to metal lawn chairs for my neighbors, golf cart's canopy fix for a local high school, fix a neighbor's metal bike rack), it always impresses and performs flawlessly. I just use Lincoln .030 NR-211 flux core. But I was curious if anyone else uses their Titanium welder with a generator and what are their experiences when doing that.