I discovered a problem with one of my M100 guns last week. After it rendered two of my best machines worthless, I figured out the problem was with the gun. After disassembly, I found one of the two trigger wires had chafed and contacted the copper crimp surrounding the power cable. Name:  DSCF0003.jpg
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Size:  57.0 KB The photo of the trigger switch shows one teflon wire chaffed bare. The other photo shows one of my other M100 guns. In both cases the insulator sleeves do not cover the entire length of the teflon wires, and expose those wires to the crimp. The crimp has sharp edges from the crimping process. Anyone who owns one of these guns might want to check their gun periodically. I added insulation to the switch wires on my other M100 guns. My two DOAs were a 2014 Multimatic 200, and a 2007 Passport that I was hoping to keep for a while. I called Miller to let them know what I found. I didn't expect much, and certainly didn't get much. I'm still getting used to the idea that the last day of the warranty is the same as an expiration date.Name:  DSCF0001.jpg
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