I tested my Powerarc 210STL on my Honda EU2200i generator this evening - just to see what would happen.

I do have a much larger generator that if I need to weld in the field without commercial power I can haul the big generator out for what ever project. It will do over 60 amps at 240v so no shortage of power (and low THD - under 4%) if I need it. Actually, that was one of the prime reasons for getting the big generator - heavy loads without commercial power - pumps, compressors, and welders. It is a bigger generator than I was looking for, but got a deal on it. If you look at fuel consumption it does drink gas, but the other side of it is if there is something that won't run on my small generators it is only a short period of time - so having the extra power is fine as for short periods of time the extra fuel doesn't amount to much.

The EU2200i is 120v only, 2200w starting/1800w running.

The first welds I did were small tack welds with a 3/32" 6011 rod at 55 amps. Trying to get the arc to go was pretty tricky, I took off Eco mode and ran it at higher idle RPM's. On Eco mode the welder would cut the arc right when it started. In normal mode I was able to light the arc and do the tack welds.

Then I switched to a 3/32" 7018 at 60 amps. Same deal with starting the arc - it was a bit tricky but I got it to go. When trying to run a bead I got about 5-8 seconds of arc time and the generator's overload protection kicked in.

I have seen tig welding done off an EU2200i generator. It seems to me there is a video with a guy running a Primeweld tig welder off an EU2200i. So maybe running low amps tig welding you could pull it off.

My conclusion is the EU2200i generator is just too light to do any stick welding, period, with. That is a bit of a bummer as it is a fantastic small generator, otherwise, and I cart it around all the time anyway. Even if I can get it to run a rod at 55 amps that is too light for any real welding.

I do have everything but gas for Tig so down the road if I get a chance to experiment with it running Tig that might be a bit different story, but still only light welding for sure, if anything.

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