I have an old Hobart TG-201 (circa 1970) that has an unknown history and was given to me. I got it working today - preflow, postflow, AC/DC, water chiller, HF, foot pedal - everything. It has a couple of quirks, though. The fine power regulation didn't work at first and I had to replace some leads on the saturable core transformer. Now that everything is working, the 35A-290A setting only seems to be putting out about 100A or so. And the other two settings seem to drop off another 1/3rd each from there. And the fine regulation only seems to be able to pull it down to 75A or so. Maybe not even that. I checked inside the machine and the fine adjustment and the foot pedal are feeding variable voltages to the saturable core, but it doesn't seem to be enough to make a big difference.

Were these old machines like that, or do I have more work to do?