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Thread: Delco Dump Trailers

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    Delco Dump Trailers

    Anyone have an opinion/experience on Delco Trailers, specifically their dump trailers. I ran an internet search and could not find any significant issues. If this is the wrong area to post, not sure where else. Thanks
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    Re: Delco Dump Trailers

    It seems most people are not have a good experience with these Trailer, But years ago we used it a a car wash for cleaning the pits out it worked fine and we put salty dirt in the dump all the time I worked for years without an issue. Apparently they have changed the material used. I just looked on a review site and I seen many complaints. but it may be inferior steel being used. IMHO When i buy a new piece of equipment I usually undercoat or paint the frame with a Dry Dry Metal wait for the driest day of the year and give her a good coat and that will solve rust issues for years.

    Good luck if your purchase was already made and you are happy. Cuz that is all that counts. then someone just said until your not. LOL Joy killer over in the corner.

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    Re: Delco Dump Trailers

    had a guy bring one of them buy for repairing the hinges. He failed to secure the one door open when dumping and used the door as a lifting jack,,,tore the hinge right off the upright. Discovered the tubing isn't very thick ... tadaah.

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    Re: Delco Dump Trailers

    I have no experience with a Delco trailer, but from just looking at the pictures online I wouldn't bother looking at one in person. There's a bunch I see that turns me off. I spent a lot of time researching dump trailers before I bought mine and I narrowed it down to Load Trail and PJ. There were a couple of other brands that would have been okay, but didn't have dealers near me, so I didn't seriously consider them. Still, some of the brands that people rave about left me less than impressed.

    I read that Load Trail and PJ are owned by brothers and they are definitely located across the street from on another. I think they had some kind of disagreement so one left and started his own company, or something like that. The trailers are extremely similar to one another. I went with the Load Trail for a couple of minor reasons and one major reason. The major reason was the local dealer....I called, talked to a guy who was busy and said he would call me back, but never did. I visited during normal business hours and none of the three guys in the office could take the time to talk to me about options so I left after waiting 45 minutes. The minor issues...I slightly liked the tailgate setup on the Load Trail better and it was $200 less. There isn't one thing I've been unhappy with and zero problems of any kind. If I buy another trailer I'll buy another Load Trail from the same dealer....had it ready to drop on the ball when I arrived after giving them a couple of hours notice.
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