I've got a Lincwelder 225 that stopped generating a few days ago. I opened it up and checked all the wiring and couldn't find any obvious problems. Voltage check showed generator was only outputting 2v. I already cleaned the brushes, commutator, and slip rings, which didn't help. The unit gets used regularly, so the residual flux should still be there. I'm not too familiar with DC shunt generators or how to diagnose them, but I did some resistance checks. With the brushes removed, resistance between field + and field - was showing around 250k ohms. I also checked the large stabilizer coil. The side with the large wires that is connected to the generator showed no resistance at all. The side with the small wires that is connected to the rheostat showed around 200k ohms. I haven't been able to find any data on expected resistance values so I don't know if that is correct or not. Any help would be appreciated.