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Thread: 210MP , Keeps restarting, finally dies.

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    210MP , Keeps restarting, finally dies.

    I have had this Lincoln 210MP for almost 6 years. TIG kit was installed 4 years ago, has always run good for me. 2 weeks ago, I turned the power on to the machine, and it went through its start up but the fan (which has always had a fairly loud sound) sounded subdued. Checked machine for blockage, fans were clear, not mice or welding rods found jammed in fan. Restarted machine, and all was fine that day. A week (and several welding sessions) later, I start the machine, and fans sound low again, power on self test completes. I check machine again, no problem found. Restart machine, fans are still on low, power on self test complete. I try again , same issue , POST completes, fan is on low. Tried restarting 3 times with the same result low fans, and able to scroll through menus. Unplugged machine and power cord, checked continuity, and voltage at machine, no problems noted. Started machine again, this time I pressed the MIG gun trigger, and the machine screen went black, and machine restarted. Did this 3 time before screen no longer came back on. Opened the unit up to check power switch, overload unit, continuity from connector , all appeared good(input voltage good too). Checked fan voltage which are listed as 24vdc, but measured about 11.2 vdc . Looks like the Main PCB needs replacement. My friendly local independent welding shop quoted $900(just PCBoard), and I looked a little online and Weldmart lists it for about $900 also. So I have some questions that the local guy, and the Lincoln guy didn't know the answer to......

    1) What's the difference between the #S31129-1 (which Weldmart is selling), and the #S31129-2 that Lincoln sells as the replacement for the #S31129-1?
    Often companies make improvements to PCB's to address problems on earlier version, is this the case ?

    2) Does anybody use a Board repair company that might fix for less than the cost for new ?
    What is the length of their warranty 90 days, 1 year ?

    I've been very happy with this machine over the last 6 years, and have invested in accessories, and attachments(Spool gun, MIG guns,k870 foot pedal, TIG torch, etc.). This is my most portable machine and its always being used. I sent it out to get a quote from a local repair shop and haven't received a quote yet.

    I got tired of dragging my bigger machines in the factory, and bought a little 160amp MIG machine for $330 and use it to run MIG, and Stick. It has been doing a pretty good job on all the small stuff, even on 120VAC.(Haven't blown a breaker yet).

    Front panel switch :
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    Main PCB :
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    PCB ID label, and Fans (back) :
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    Thanks in advance
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    Re: 210MP , Keeps restarting, finally dies.

    Most pcbs are warrantied by Lincoln for 1 tear if installed by an authorized shop.
    Call Lincoln tech support for complete information.
    the -1 pcb is the older pcb. been replaced by the -2. something was changed to make it a -2 pcb. no one but the engineers know what they changed. Get the -2 pcb I would not use the -1. Call weldmart and ask if they are still selling the old -1 pcb or just didn't change the catalog page since Lincoln automatically cross the -1 to the -2 if you try to order the -1. If you buy from weldmart ask them about the pcb warranty. to get it replaced as a owner install. you will have to go through them.
    Your problem sounds like the auto line voltage circuit is sticking in 230 volts.
    Lives on the power pcb. Not a difficult install. just need regulator hand tools and tork screw drivers. If you want to remove the front panel to get it out of the way. mark the line wires. If you cross them up you will blow up the new pcb. Top to bottom doesn't matter left to right does. I mark one side red and the other black with a sharpy.

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    Re: 210MP , Keeps restarting, finally dies.

    Radwell International out of Greensboro, NC repaired the PCB in my Miller Spectrum 2050. Miller wanted 1,500 for a new board; Radwell was around half of that for a complete analysis and repair.

    In additional to Greensboro, they have a location in Willingboro, NJ.
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