My Jackson W40 helmet has worked perfectly, for 2.5 years.
What I ran into yesterday, may be a characteristic of the helmet,, or perhaps the batteries are dead,,

(NOTE, I have not used the "GRIND" mode before,,)

When using the helmet as a "welding" helmet, the auto-darken works perfectly.

but,,,, when using the helmet in "GRIND" mode, where the shade stays at "4", if the solar cell is not directed at a light source, the helmet reverts back to "WELD".
The helmet reverts back to "WELD" in under 2 minutes,,.
If I place the helmet under a significant light source, the helmet will stay in "GRIND" mode.

Possibly, the helmet is "going to sleep" when it does not see a significant light source??

It is sort of a pain having to keep resetting the helmet to "GRIND",, so I always have to "PARK" the helmet so that it is pointed at a bigger shop light.

Do you think this is normal, or could it be that the batteries need to be replaced??