I own a older hobart generator dc350 engine driven welder . Serial number 12cw *41127 . Specs 4551 , engine perkins 4.107. My question is made up of many different questions. Im frustrated and can NOT find my problem. This welder generator from here on out will be called "unit"= my generator engine driven welder. So this unit has been in storage for a very long time . I put some tlc , basically check the oil , put diesel in there , drain radiator , and she started right up . This unit has the porta wire mig box . So I have the gun receptacle and the problem I am having is I want to stick weld with it , or use a Air Arc. I cannot get power to my leads what so ever . I can get the DC voltmeter to go up and down as I adjust the amperage but the left a judge does not move it or like it won't strike an arc at all. I've checked the brushes put some sandpaper on them lightly spun the Hub. I can get them big box to spool The Wire but nothing happens when I hit the trigger or if I was to stick Weld and I had a rod in there it would not strike an arc at all I took the panel down and there is like a Transformer or a gun contactor that looks like it's magnetic is that something that needs to have the magnetic field to touch and then you'll be able to strike your Arc cuz it looks like it rocks back and forth behind the main panel. I guess I'm just looking for some help if anybody could Point me or just have a conversation about this it would really help me out thanks have a good day.