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Thread: Bought a multihandler 200

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    Bought a multihandler 200

    So I was wanting a multi process for years, since they really started getting popular with the Lincoln etc. Always had access to a large mig and I have my "lunch box" stick welder. Last yr picked up a dedicated tig welder too. So covered for everything.. But sometimes welding at a friends or just out in the driveway it would be nice to have a lighter machine to just bring rght where im working and can do everything.
    I do a few odd jobs here and there for people so portability is nice.

    I couldn't decide on what I wanted, I really would have liked a miller 215 or 235 but considering it's not something I need I couldn't justify it. Then the Lincoln 210 was always what I had wanted, but it was more money and from what I understand a bit trickier to set up for tig If I wanted and doesn't come with a tig torch.

    I recently saw the esab emp 210 that only weighs in at 29 pounds, but de-rated on stick to 170, which would work for what I do.

    I ended up going to the weld supply, and they had the hobarts sitting there, same price as the esab 210 and being under the same company as miller I thought it was a good choice in case of warranty etc.

    I've tried it out on all 3 processes and it works really nice. I mostly use co2 for mig and it has a good arc with that in my opinion. For the price it seems like a good deal, easy to switch from processes. Has the gas solenoid that works for tig without a torch valve etc.

    It does lack inductance settings and arc force etc, and not "auto set" but for me I don't really need all the extras. The inductance would help smooth out the arc with co2 but not necessary

    over all I think it will do what I want just fine at a lower price than the blue or red.
    I was disappointed it wasn't made in the us though .. But I guess the lower price point does come from somewhere.

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    Re: Bought a multihandler 200

    Almost bought one of those. Please let us know how you like it.

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