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While I was still working I ordered ALL my alternators and starters, and the very few turbochargers I ever had to replace from TURBO & ELECTRIC just off of GRAND avenue & 23rd Avenue in phoenix, Joe Fargostein was the owner, he would rebuild, sell rebuilt or sell new, at the time I could buy 3 new alternators(ford 7.3 with 2 alternators) for the price of one rebuilt from FORD. Never a problem!
Joe hated it when FORD started using the mitsubishi?? alternator on the AMBO chassis, and hated it even more when they went to the dual motorcraft alternators, but after a few years told me that he thought they made a good move, Joe was a HUGE LEECE-NEVILLE fan & dealer, so when he said that it was almost like hitting me in the head with a 2x4, I found his business while looking for a LEECE alternator after a NAPA rebuilt performed worse than the one that it replaced.