Hello....I have an almost 5yr old 255EXT tig welder that has worked perfectly until about a month ago. I have always used the easy AC welding setup with the pedal. I set the amps to 100 and start welding. When I weld for 1 or 2minutes then stop and go to start welding again, no arc but the gas comes on and the amps are now set at 70. If I hit the right side of the welder with my hand, the amps go back to 100 and I can start welding again. It seemed to do this every 2 or 3 times I used the welder.

Tonight the torch will only shoot out a blue spark for about 5seconds with the torch 1/8" from the aluminum and if I lift the torch up off the aluminum 1/2" to 1" it looks like lightning. I can hear the gas coming out of the torch. I have check the ground clamps, changed out the 2% thoriated tungsten, new collet, cap, ground the tungsten as usual(might try changing out the disc, it's one of those Dremel tungsten dresser discs. Might be worn out and contaminating the tungsten) but I did lower the gas from 25cuft to 15cuft.

Is there a way to access any trouble codes from the machine?? Any ideas. Thanks!!