We're almost ready to pull the trigger on the used roller. Almost...............

The pic of the shaft shows the dismantlers used a grinder on the shaft to get the sprocket off, or whatever was behind the first keyway. Too damn lazy to use a cup brush. Not a problem if my lathe had a 60" bed, but my bed is only 40".

I can use Loctite 660(IIRC the right part number) to bed my sprocket on the messed up shaft, but it's no guarantee it'll be tight. Or.........sleeve the hub, and turn the bore down to grab the shaft.

If I could actually examine the shaft, I'd probably be more comfortable with it............but it's out in Tennessee.

If we have to make the stupid thing, I think cwby has the best solution. Set up a shaft with bulkheads, and have someone roll some tin to cover the assembly. You can control diameters, and do any kind of turning you need to on the drive end of the shaft. I can turn a long shaft on my lathe if it's supported by the steady rest. And length is no problem when milling keyways.