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Thread: Everlast review after several years

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    Everlast review after several years

    I feel like leaving a review after owning two Everlast Welders over the course of several years. I'm a small farm that does some work for others once in a while and I keep my own stuff fixed, I was a sheetmetal worker and did alot of HVAC work which is my professional background, farm background since I was a kid, alot of machine shop and welding in high school and I am age 41.

    In April of 2016 I bought an iMig 140, I didn't feel I needed a big one, I might be the only 41 year old that just isn't crazy about a wire welder and I prefer stick machines. However I do some lighter work, all steel, and someday maybe some stainless steel sheet metal work. Not long after I bought the machine I heard a pop and saw smoke and while the machine wasn't quite welding the way it did it still worked. I pulled the cover, found a large blown capacitor and within a few days Mark Lugo had a new one to me. Other than that the machine turns on and welds. When friends are over and may use it they are dumbfounded as they don't know how to set it due to it not having a chart, but I have written all sorts of notes on the top with a sharpie marker. In all I would buy it again, I probably should have followed someones advice and gotten a 200 amp but again I have no big complaints on this machine as to what it will do, but I still prefer using my arc welder. My only actual complaint on it has been the ground lead was short and the clamp was rather cheap and both were easily replaced.

    In January of 2017 I bought a PowerArc 200ST. It didn't take just a few welds and I sold my old Lincoln AC225 machine as I had no use for it anymore. I've had no problem burning 5/32 6010 or even 7018 rods. It seems this machine runs hot and the amp setting might be off as it seems I find it welds best on what should be cold, I've never checked it I just set it till it welds the way I want it. The only real issue I have ever had with this welder is when welding on magnetized drill stem pipe, a circus of wrapping leads on the pipes until it would weld did the trick, should have kept the Lincoln ac machine in case I ever needed it for magnetized pipe I guess. Once I found my Generac generator was rated clean power and was sized bigger than what was needed to run it, it was game on to use mobile on the farm. I built a nice horse arena for myself, done a few repairs in the field rather than hauling stuff in, built alot of fence, etc etc etc. This little machine has been very dependable, I can't imagine many shops or farms that would use it more than I do and I have not had a single issue with it, it is easy enough to pack around, I can feed it off of a generator anywhere and run any rod I can throw at it. The only complaint I have had is the leads were too short. I took the two leads, spliced them to one and use it for a ground lead and have a 30' for the electrode lead and I have a 30' extension cord for getting around the shop with it. When I went to build my arena and other fence work I really wish I had a 100' lead sometimes. I'm not bougie enough to Tig weld, I would like to try it but I don't do things ornate or intricate enough to get setup for it. I would definitely buy this machine again.

    So far I'm happy with both units, people in my shop that have never heard of Everlast wonder if I was sponsored by them or if it was a local company or something. I have had a few friends that have bought Everlast units as well. I'm not opposed to the Blue or Red machines, I used many of each professionally or hobby'ing but I can't justify spending $2000+ on a welder when the $400 one will run just as well.
    And to be honest user CEP is the one who sold me on the Everlast machines years ago.

    And that is my two cents for the day.

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    Re: Everlast review after several years

    Thanks for the review. Sadly, Carl (CEP) has passed away. He was a great help to anyone who wanted it.
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