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Thread: Libby Military welder

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    Libby Military welder

    This looks interesting. It is a Libby military welder generator. What do you think it is worth?

    Know anything about them?

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    Re: Libby Military welder

    I've used one before while in the military. It's a great welder.
    It's worth what ever someone is willing to pay for it.
    Bid the $500 on it and in 5 days you'll find out what it is worth.
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    Re: Libby Military welder

    i got a libby military 300, but it looks nothing like that. i would call that a" libby military jr", if that thing really is a 300. mine is setup/looks like a linc sae 300, w/ a 6 cyl cont., but it looks to have quality componets , and guages for the day, very nice wiring, and the magneto looks very well built. i dont recall what trhe prefix, on mine is, and ive never welded w/ it, cuz it was froze up when i got it, and it just sits in my boneyard. it also had upside down leaf springs under front and back to give it extra smooth ride to trailer/whatever u mount it too
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    Re: Libby Military welder

    I dont know a single thing about that welder. I only work on an Army truck a time or 2 but that was enough. While it prolly works well there will be some spec, some special booger where no part from another Army machine or any other will fi9t it, prolly assembled by different contractor I dont know. 2 fuggin engines look exactly the same, only thing in common being the paint. But, like I said, my experience is limited.

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