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Thread: First day with TIG

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    First day with TIG

    I have been a welder for some time with about 90% of my experience with MIG. A while back we got a Lincoln 350 MP, nice machine. Yesterday I went out and got a TIG torch for it and decided to play today.
    Wow... what a ton of fun! I did all my stuff with 16 gage mild steel. I ran a bunch of strait passes to get the feel of it, I love it no noise just welds. Then I started welding some tubes together with no filler. It was way easier than I thought. Now I am going to have to spring for the foot pedal, if not just buying my own machine.
    Just thought I would share my experience with you guys.

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    Re: First day with TIG

    Glad to hear another person is in love with Tig.

    Wait until you are sticking aluminum bits together, that is even more fun than steel!

    Happy tigg'ing,


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