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Thread: SA-250 troubleshoot

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    SA-250 troubleshoot

    This is an odd situation but...

    While on the job, my 250 shutdown. It was born in 1984, and Ive run it daily for over a year. A solid machine, but in the meantime have chopped 12" inches front to back and 4" up and down, and for that reason Ive had to shift/relocate the tank 3 times. Exercising what little I know, I bled the injectors, and it fired back up. Then three minutes later it died. Bled them again, one minute later it died. FIVE more times with the same results I began looking things over, and while watching the bowl in operation I noticed air bubbles drawing into the fuel line. I closed the petcock all the way and then opened it two turns . FIXED.

    Can the petcock valve loose control and draw air through the its assembly?

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    Re: SA-250 troubleshoot

    Mine is a 85 with a sediment bowl and petcock just like a gasser. If yours is the same then tighten the packing nut a quarter turn or so.
    Mine sucked in some air and wouldnt run.
    I have a copy of the manual for bleeding air out of the system.
    1. loosen banjo connection bolt which is fitted on the top of the filter (C060,A1).
    2. Operate the priming lever on the fuel lift pump (C061) until fuel, free from air, comes from the filter vent point. Tighten the banjo connedtion bolt. If drive cam of fuel lift pump is at the point of maximum cam lift, it will not be possible to operate the priming lever. In this situation, the crankshaft must be turned one revolution.
    3. Does not apply
    4. Ensure that the manual stop control is in the "Run" position. (lucas Pump)
    5. Loosen the vent screw in the lock screw of the hydrolic head (C062/C1) and the vent screw on the govenor cover of the fuel injection pump (C062/C2).
    6. Operate the priming lever of the fuel lift pump until fuel, free from air, comes from the vent screw(s). Tighten the vent screw(s).
    7. Loosen the uniun nut (C063/A1) at the fuelled starting aid (if one is fitted) and operate the lift pump, free from air, comes from the connection. Tighten the union nut at the starting aid.
    -- Do not over tighten union nuts
    8. Loosen the union nuts of the high pressure pipes (C064/ B1) at two of the atomisers. Operate the starter motor until fuel, free from air, comes from the pipe connections. Tighten high pressure connections.
    9. The engine is now ready to start.

    If engine runs correctly for a short time then stops or runbs roughly, check for air in the fuel system. If there is air in the fuel system, there is probably leakage in the low pressure system.
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    Re: SA-250 troubleshoot

    I couldnt have asked for a more thorough reply, thanks for all the good information. I was able to get away with just bleeding it from the first injector feed line, but I'll be adding your information to my repertoire.

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